Project Description

Combining Our Flash Designs for the Ultimate FX Tattoo Realism


When it comes to individual and production tattoos, the sky it literally the limit when it comes to detail. Whether you choose from our collection of tattoo flash or have custom designs created to suit your needs, the best way to get the most out of an FTS application is to add as many layers of depth to the design as possible. This means the more designs in the tat the merrier. Fill entire areas of the body. Add filler to focal tattoos for sleeves. Combine styles when it’s applicable. Yeah, it’s great to wear smaller daintier tats too, but the effect achieved by adding multiples can bring a tattoo to real life. Go to town and REALLY experience what it feels like to wear tattoos.

Stencil Work + Freehand Elements


When we layer a piece, we try to use the best aspects of each stencil and then add extra elements so that the piece is intentionally busier than a lone tattoo. The added elements gives the eye more to take in, allowing for the realistic effect to take hold subconsciously. Freehand elements also lend to realism as hand rendered strokes are more like real tattoos. In this design for a FX Sons of Anarchy promo, the clients had an idea of what they wanted but no solid design plan. They wanted the feel to be something masculine, but with floral elements. We used a flower stencil from our Vintage Tattoo Collection and then surrounded that with the “ripped skin” look with freehand airbrush techniques. The results were exactly what the client needed. The application only took about 45mins and we were able to change a few elements on the fly for the directors. The time saved garnered a standing ovation from the crew when the production wrapped early at the end of the day.

Instant Impact


We hear from a lot of actors getting ready for auditions. They are usually much sweeter looking than the parts call for. FTS tats are a great way to “toughen up”. So when an actor contacts us for an application, we bring out our “A” Game. These are the kind of tats we live for because they MUST look real to the naked eye. Not only does that actor need to believe the tattoo is real as they are wearing it, the casting directors and the cameras being used also need to believe the tat is the real deal. It’s what makes our work SO unique. People that are looking at our tats that don’t know, actually think they are looking at real tattoos. It’s the ultimate form of body art, and an incredible tool for those in the demanding field of acting.

See The Results


Now, more than ever, realism in FX tattooing is totally possible. Actor and models no longer need to have tattoos to be tattooed. These are results you just can’t get with common transfer tattoos. These results only come from years of experience and innovation which only gets more sophisticated as time goes by. We are constantly adding to our collection of stencil designs.

This allows our clients to have the ability to go through our collections to pick and choose their own looks. It also gives productions and makeup artists the ability to browse through our collection to find the right focal and elemental tattoos they need to build their characters. We will never stop adding to our collection of faux tattoo stencils, giving YOU the power of a real tattoo artist.

Composition + Detail


Intuitive Design

We bring years of experience building FX tattoos on demand, giving us the unique ability to intuitively trick the eye and HD Camera technology.


Our process and the FTS technique is not like anything that has ever been done. And yet it’s elegant, streamlined and effective.


Faux Tattoo Studios is the only source for detailed, customized realistic tattoos on demand. We can help bring your concept to life.

No Challenge is Too Big

We see challenges as opportunities. We've never used transfers and we never will. We always build the right stencils and application plan for the job and the results are worth it.