Faux Tattoo Studios is a unique resource for anyone needing realistic special effects temporary airbrush tattoos. Located near downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, we offer every level of faux tattoo application, from production to high end events and popups, individual “test” tattoos to advertising and trade shows. Using cutting edge technology and specialized fx makeup techniques, we deliver fx temporary tattoos on demand. Choose from our ever growing premade flash designs, or get it customized to your specific needs. From Traditional and Neo Traditional styles to tribal and abstract, we can produce most any style of tattoo desired.

As fx makeup artists, ultimate tattoo realism is the most important goal in everything we create. We approach each piece with deep respect for the art form of the tattoo, finding inspiration from real tattoos and trending styles as well as period work. We then translate that for our clients with the understanding of how a real tattoo works in the skin. This is the first step to achieving ultimate realism. At FTS we create the Faux Tattoo Stencils that are the tools, along with our specialized techniques, to complete the ultimate special fx tattoo. No job is too large or small, from full body or back pieces to a 1″ tiny tat, we are up to the challenge.

Gwen Davis


Faux Tattoo Studios & Faux Tattoo Stencils

At Faux Tattoo Studios, we use only FDA approved special fx cosmetics and body paints. We are makeup artists using cutting edge tools and techniques to get the job done. We design real tattoos. We don’t APPLY real tattoos.