Carmelo Anthony’s Sleeves by FTS

We had an “impossible” set of sleeves (Carmelo Anthony’s) for a commercial spot featuring Melo and his tats, shot in first person POV. He couldn’t be available for the shoot. We had to re-create his tats on an actor. We only had only two days to find a makeup artist capable of handling the job. Luckily we found Gwen and she came through with these amazing sleeves! She didn’t have photos of his tats for reference either! My talent went to her studio and received the tats the night before and we were ready to go the next morning with the tats already in place! They lasted all through the day, with no touch ups needed, and even through the shower scene! Gwen saved the production a huge amount of time and money and delivered excellent renditions of Carmelo’s tattoo sleeves which were the feature of our commercial. Gwen is an amazing talent and an expert problem solver. We will come to her for all our production tattoo needs from now on.

-Adam Hendricks

Lineage Interactive