Pepsi was in the process of producing a video for their YouTube channel leading up to the Big Game called “NFL Theme Song“. The concept was to create a 30 second teaser for the new theme song that highlighted clips of random fans as well as famous athletes enjoying Pepsi cola while engaged in different activities related to Pepsi and football.

The segment we were assigned to was a scene in which hall-of-famer Terry Bradshaw visits a tattoo parlor and has a Pittsburgh Steelers tattoo inked on his left shoulder while enjoying a cool refreshing Pepsi!

Grace flew from Las Vegas to Burbank for the day and applied the hyper-realistic Steelers logo tattoo on Mr. Bradshaw in stages so they could have an actor simulate applying the tattoo with a prop tattoo gun. In the end, the shot was reduced down to just a couple of seconds, but the tattoo looks great, and we’re happy to be a part of it and to have spent some quality time with the very funny and charming Mr. Bradshaw!

Terry Bradshaw gets a Steelers Tat!